The Last Words of David…

David writes a song

2Sam 22-24 Closing the book of 2Samuel

I always become a bit teary when I come to the end of one book. In 2Samuel I have walked with David through each chapter and have come away knowing that although these are his last words, they are not the “last” words. When my life draws to a close will I stop and write about my life and title it as he did, “my last words?” I wonder what I might include? I haven’t been royalty, but have been chosen by the King of Kings. I haven’t had exploits like King David conquering lands and people groups, but have “conquered” my understanding of who God is to a greater degree. Like David, I have had battles with my adversary, Satan, and have savored the sweet taste of victory and the sourness of defeat. I have walked the road of adversity but am more blessed by each rock I have stumbled over and learned the lessons to guide me another day. It is good to stop and reflect just as David did lest I forget that I am not just writing “my-story” but “His-story” in my life.

Chapter 22 is refreshing. David loves God and writes his song to reflect that. When was the last time you wrote a song of praise to honor the Lord?

Chapter 23 reflects David as he ponders the many men who have served him faithfully. One group stole into a Philistine camp to get a jug of water for David–just because they heard him say he wished he could drink from the well of Bethlehem. One author noted that it isn’t a sacrifice if something doesn’t cost “us” something. When was the last time you sacrificed something for another?

Chapter 24 is confusing and without the Chronicler’s addition of information, [1Chron 21:1 “An adversary opposed Israel, inciting David to count how many warriors Israel.”] we could come to some wrong conclusions! The adversary, of course, is our ever-present enemy himself: Satan. We must be on guard to not fall victim to his ways. God let David count the men so that he might learn that pride is behind many decisions. Where are we listening to the words of the enemy and not God?

And so we close 2Samuel thanking God for revealing to us through the life of David where we fail, and where we triumph.

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