Spider Webs and Dominos

Gen 25-27 Reading this is like seeing dominos lined up, just waiting for the first one to fall. When it falls, the rest fall behind it, and that is what happened in these people’s lives and happens to us if we are not discerning because the heart is deceitful, and only God knows it. [Jer […]

Nothing Is Impossible with God, Pt 2

1Peter 3 Nothing is Impossible with God pt.2 Sarah is a woman of many twists and turns. We find her in Genesis, Galatians, and then Hebrews. She called Abraham’ lord,’ which Peter recalls. He also reminds the wives to whom he is speaking that, like Sarah’s condition, nothing is too hard for God when we […]

Fear or Trust in God?

Isaiah 9 God’s Only Son The prophet Isaiah lived and served under many kings, and most were ungodly like King Ahaz. They didn’t believe God as in the former times so when war was on the horizon they lived in fear. Yet, God sent Isaiah to the king to remind him that He was still […]

God is immutable…

Ps 111 His precepts are sure. John MacArthur writes: Two polar opposite views of God’s will can cause Christians to have faulty understandings of prayer and the accomplishing of God’s purposes. The same can be said for how people view the character of God. On the one hand, some believe the words of the song […]