Are you trustworthy?

Luke 16 Winning the lottery is all many think of and so they pay out each week a sum hoping that this will be the winning ticket. And if they win they will do thus and thus with the winning pot. Jesus used a similar story about the unrighteousness steward. He too hoped to cash in big one day but then his boss, the manager caught him “cooking the books,” as we say today. He might have hoped to win the lottery but instead the manager caught him red-handed. As the steward thought about this he formulated a plan.

He called the debtors and made a deal to have those debts forgiven or reduced. Jesus pointed out the principle that if you are not righteous in the small things, you will not be righteous in the big things.  God looks for those who can be trusted to take care of his wealth in the present time. Those who are trustworthy can be assured that one day God will have them take care of His wealth both here and in eternity. 

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