What or Whom do you love?

Malachi 1-4 Malachi, Malachi, what are you telling me? You are telling me the same thing Jeremiah has told me in chapter 3 of his book. People are sinful and unrepentant. They are told that simple statement and reject it. Both authors use the Socratic method of God asking a question and the people responding. […]

Fickle or Faithful? Wishy Washy or Steadfast?

Nehemiah 11- 13, Ps 126: Are you Fickle or Faithful? As we close this book, we are reminded that God is sovereign. He sees and knows all that is going on, and He alone raises up and puts down men/women for his purpose. We also see that hearts need to be changed before work and […]

The Joy of the Lord is our Strength!

Nehemiah 8: “Do Not Grieve, This Day is holy” When you hear or read God’s Word, do you grieve as these had done? The people had been weeping when they heard the words of the Law. [Neh 8:9] What is our response when the Word is read each day or each time we are with […]

How to Handle Naysayers

Nehemiah 6 Nehemiah, the king’s cupbearer, had been given permission to return to Jerusalem. He knew from being in the king’s presence that day after day, challengers arose. Nehemiah watched stored insights and became astute in how to handle these challengers. What a great learning environment that God had planned for Nehemiah. Have you stopped […]

God Protects & Delivers

Esther 6-10 As we have been studying, one theme continues to repeat itself. The people of God are to remember that God is our protector and our deliverer. [Ps 78:35] Here in the story of Esther, the Jews set up a day each year called Purim to remember that principle. The backdrop of this story […]

Impulsiveness vs. God’s Ways

Esther 1-5 One thing we learn from this story is how God can and will use even the impulsiveness of a king to bring about His plan to preserve His people. King Ahasuerus, as we have seen in chapter one, is an impulsive king. He makes snap judgments without thinking of the long-term consequences. He […]