Mining for God’s gems

Proverbs 2 Do you go through day after day wondering about the questions that surface in your study and your job and etc. etc. etc. Solomon offer the answers to that by saying “if you will receive…if you cry for discernment…if you dig as miner..” then you have the answers and you find God’s gems […]

“JOY to the World”

Philippians: We read in James to have joy in all of our trials and temptations that come our way. In Philippians, Paul reminds his audience that joy is internal and leads to our external. It must begin there before we can share it outside, and Paul is our example, even amidst the persecution he faced […]

The Fly on the Wall

John 7 The brothers of Jesus did not believe in him as Messiah, so they sought to put a guilt trip on him about revealing himself to the crowds. Jesus wisely said it is not my time, so he remained home. What caused him to change his mind is anybody’s guess. But, he set out […]

Empty Jars and Hearts

John 2 Many a year ago, we were married, but the day much like this story in John 2, had a very embarrassing moment. After saying our vows, the photographer insisted he take us to take photos. Unbeknownst to us, the drama in the church was just beginning. The day was exceedingly hot, and the […]

The Way, The Truth, & The Life

Mark 1; Luke 3; Matthew 3 Fast Forward Once John the Baptist opened the hearts of men, people revealed the depths of their longing for the Messiah and His power. God does not disappoint, and Jesus comes onto the scene, proving he is the long-awaited Messiah. John was the voice; Jesus, the messenger prophesied long […]

What or Whom do you love?

Malachi 1-4 Malachi, Malachi, what are you telling me? You are telling me the same thing Jeremiah has told me in chapter 3 of his book. People are sinful and unrepentant. They are told that simple statement and reject it. Both authors use the Socratic method of God asking a question and the people responding. […]

Climate Change?

Joel 1-3 Climate Change is the buzzword of the day. We hear about it and are reminded that the cause is humans and their thirst for fossil fuels. Yet, in the years 1930-1939, the USA experienced what has been termed the Dust Bowl. It was because the farmers in the Midwest over-plowed and removed the […]