Are you Prepared to go?

Ezra 1-4 God’s Servant What does a servant look like and act like? Ezra was a Jewish scribe living in Babylon during the 70 yr. captivity that God ordered to discipline his errant children. Jeremiah prophesied about it, Daniel read about it, and Isaiah prophesied about a king named Cyrus who would release them. Ezra […]


Remember the movie Braveheart? Men joined a mighty warrior to free his land of the oppressor. In some ways, 1Chron. 10-13 tell a similar story. David is the Braveheart character freeing his nation of the rebels that were godless. The chronicler tells of those who snuck into the land of the Philistines and took the […]

How do we explain this?

2Kings 21-22 The Hearts of Men You may be an honorable parent, but there is no guarantee that your offspring will follow in your footsteps—unless God intervenes in their lives and touches their hearts. For example, Hezekiah was an honorable man, but his son Manasseh was the worst king of all Judah! Manasseh’s son was […]

Blessings vs. Curses

2Kings 15-17 Obedience 101 God blessed His children by removing them from Egypt and placing them in the land of Israel. Moses reminded them to obey only God but they chose to ignore that command—over and over and over. Finally, God disciplined them by allowing evil nations to overtake them and remove them from the […]