God and His Character

Joel 1-3 Joel’s short book of prophecy is used by the NT writers on more than one occasion and recalling the words of Moses to God about His impending discipline. God was ready to “wipe them off the map.” But, Moses reminded God that if He did that, the nations around them would say: “Where […]

Choosing God’s Way

Daniel 1 Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the King’s food. Choices begin in the heart, which Jeremiah tells us is “deceitful and desperately wicked,” [Jer 17:9 (the NET says mind)] So how did Daniel become so wise, cunning, and perceptive to make the right decision? Like him, we […]

Are you prepared or deceived?

Ezekiel 28 Satan’s lie never changes. He has dangled this lie before men: “you will be like God.”  Like many, the rich man in Luke 16’s parable, the leader of Tyre, the leader of Babylon, and more, were captured like a fish, hook, line, and sinker. They trusted in their riches, position, power, and wisdom, […]

“How’s that working for you?”

Ezekiel 12-14 God had Ezekiel pantomime the end of Jerusalem to the captive elders in Babylon. Instead of watching and learning, the hardhearted exiles asked: “What are you doing?” God chose Ezekiel as an object lesson for them about their king, Jerusalem, and their Temple. The elders didn’t want to hear any of this, so […]

“El Roi – the Almighty Sees!”

Ezekiel 8 to 11 Have you ever wondered if God sees all that is happening in this world? The prophet Ezekiel was far from Jerusalem but still held “Bible Studies” in his new home along the banks of the Chebar Canal in Babylon. One day he experienced another vivid vision of a glorious figure lifting […]

Handling the Word of God

Jer 33-36 In the time of King Josiah, the word of the Lord was found and read. He tore his clothes and ordered that the false images be torn down, and they return to God’s ways. God honored Josiah, and his reign was one of peace. King Jehoiakim also heard the word of the Lord […]

The God I serve!

Jeremiah 5/Gen 18 Have you ever felt the deepness of a heart’s sadness? The world seems shattered, and the residents see death all around them. At times like this, our words lay fallow in our prayers—or so we think. We wonder, as Jeremiah did, Is there any good news, or Is it all bad news? […]

Authentic or Fraud?

Is 58 The prophet Isaiah speaks to the heart of the matter when the people ask why God is not blessing them, and that same question is one we often ask as well. We say I  go to church, tithe, and help out where needed, yet I still struggle with peace. God answers that question […]