The Avoidance Technique

Gen 38 Jacob’s son Judah recalls his part in selling Joseph to Ishmaelite traders, and every time he was in the presence of Jacob, he remembered his part but failed to acknowledge it. Unconfessed sin tears at our hearts, and if we fail to acknowledge it, we seek ways to avoid it, which is what […]

Spider Webs and Dominos

Gen 25-27 Reading this is like seeing dominos lined up, just waiting for the first one to fall. When it falls, the rest fall behind it, and that is what happened in these people’s lives and happens to us if we are not discerning because the heart is deceitful, and only God knows it. [Jer […]

Are you Prepared?

Job 1-5 A key to understanding the man Job is to look at his life in everyday circumstances. God noted he was blameless and upright, and we see how he responded to his children’s choices. He offered sacrifices regularly ‘just in case’ they had cursed God, not out loud, but in their hearts. Job’s care […]

Repeat it Again…

Rev 9-12 What am I busy about today?John describes what he has seen just as Jesus commanded him and what he sees is fierce and frightening, yet men remain steadfastly belligerent to the ways of God. They will long to die, but it won’t be possible. Today there is a movement to help people to […]

The True Test of My Faith

James 3-5 James has been preparing his reading audience to hear from God about what He considers the true test of our faith. It lies in the practical, not the superficial. Paul captured it precisely when he said: “For I don’t understand what I am doing. For I do not do what I want—instead, I […]

Keep that love fresh!

Ephesians 1-3 Paul wrote to encourage the Ephesians to stand fast. About 25 yrs. later under the inspiration of Christ, John wrote to encourage these precious believers to return to their first love. Paul told them they were saints, set apart for God, faithful in Christ. John said you were faithful and enduring. What had […]

God’s ways are higher than men’s

Acts 27-28 God’s Plans are Higher and Greater Isaiah explained to his listeners that God’s plans are higher and superior to men’s deeds. Men had cautioned the builders of the Titanic to prepare for any disaster, and Paul warned the ship’s captain about sailing away from Crete. Yet, their voices fell upon deaf ears. The […]

One Drink…that changed a life forever

John 4 Jesus “had” go through Samaria, not because of expediency but because His Father had ordained a divine opportunity to meet the Samaritan woman. As she and Jesus interacted, He revealed, as she said later: “who told me everything I ever did.” Leaving her water pot at the well, she told the city residents, […]