Actions speak louder than words

Mark 6 Listening but not believing

Mark notes that Herod was baffled by the words of John but he never made a commitment to the Lord. We can listen all we want but if we do not commit, then we are as lost as Herod. Prov 29:25 comes to mind: the fear of man is a snare and we see that in this chapter. 

On a night when Herod had a dinner, he made a foolish vow to give the child who danced before him a gift of whatever she asked. Her mother told her to ask for the head of John the Baptist. Hearing this, Herod was sad but he was more afraid of not keeping his word than keeping the life of a man who spoke truth to him. There are many like Herod in our world. They love to sit in the pew but do not bow the knee to the Savior. They are baffled but do not step out and search their hearts. 

Are you more like Herod or like John the Baptist? Are you just listening or are you committed to Jesus? 

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