The Parable of the Sower

Mark 4 It is spring here in Texas and each day we see that the seasonal grasses and flowers are emerging from their winter sleep. Each day we see the changes that come with more light and warmth. As Jesus sat in the boat near shore, He taught the people using the picture of the hillside and a farmer who had tilled the soil and now was scattering seeds in hope of a new crop in the days ahead. 

Each farmer knows that the enemies of the seeds are waiting. There are the crows who watch and with a keen eye sees that some of the farmer’s seeds have fallen on the hard path around his garden. They swoop in and grab those and feed upon them. But, some seeds have made it into the garden soil only to be thwarted by the enemies of weeds who choke out the new growth. It is only the seeds that fall into the furrow and are graciously hidden until roots form and push forward to capture the light and the warmth of the sun that will produce a crop that is worthy. 

Jesus often used images of those things with which the people saw day after day and understood the growth pattern of vegetation. As they listened, they also watched above them the farmer doing his work. Like the disciples, the people watched, but did not equate the pattern. Jesus lovingly explained it to his disciples, and just like us, we then have the “aha” moment! This is not about seeds and plants, but the seeds of the gospel message to the unbelieving. The enemy is Satan who comes to seek, kill and destroy. But, God is greater than Satan and His Word will not be voided.  

Which seed are you today? Only Jesus can protect you in the furrow of His garden. Your life can be hidden from the enemy if you are willing to let Him till your soil. 

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