What is your R.S.V.P.?

2Chron 30 “An Invite that is Rejected.” With great energy, Hezekiah continued his reforms for his nation. He wisely sought counsel from his officials and sought to protect Jerusalem from invaders while trusting in God to be his guide. He sought to reunite the kingdom that had been divided through the observance of the Passover […]

Building God’s Temple

1Kings 5-7 The Building of the Temple King David had gathered much material, but God told him that he would never build this massive structure because he was a man of war, and in war, blood is shed. Although David was obedient to accomplish this, the shed blood is a reminder of where life begins […]

What is my excuse?

Joshua 16-18 The excuses we use to not move forward are many. The descendants of Joseph came to Joshua complaining that the land they had was not enough. So they came to him for permission to have more land, and he agreed that what they said was true. He said go and conquer the land, […]

Do Not DISHONOR God’s Anointed

Numbers 16 Rebellion of Korah As children, we played a game called follow the leader, where the followers mimic the leader’s actions. Elimination happens when you fail to comply. In today’s story, Korah challenged the leadership of Moses. He sought to usurp the leadership by placing himself in the “I” position. When we think or […]

Often Lives Speak Louder than a Voice

Hebrews 11 to 13 Others Tell the Story of Faith Long ago in a faraway land, isn’t that how fairy tales begin? Yes, they often do, but this is not a fairy tale! It actually did happen long ago in a land far away, and the voices of those in the story tell a story […]

God can use storms to get our attention…

Acts 27 and 28 End of the Journey Paul has been waiting for over two years in a prison in Caesarea. He had appealed to Caesar, and the authorities had said, to Caesar, you shall go. But, unbeknownst to Paul, an adventure lay ahead that he could not have considered. How often do we start […]

The Chorus of the Unbeliever

Acts 24 to26 The Chorus of the Unbeliever. God has orchestrated three different encounters with three different rulers to present his testimony and the gospel message. Sound familiar? Yes, we have those same encounters and often hear the same responses. They are the chorus of the unbeliever. Chorus #1: Felix puts off making any decision […]

LOVE truly, LIVE practically

Rom. 11 to 13 The Practical Side of the Gospel Do you want others to come to know Jesus? Then live and share the gospel practically beginning with being humble, not haughty! You have a gift that the unbeliever needs, and your attitude reveals the truth of where you are now. In addition, present your […]