Dressed for war

be strong and courageous

Eph 6 Paul lived in a time when the threats against Christians was widespread and very real. It was not just threats but actual physical altercations. Today, we have moved from the physical to the war of words. We no longer put on a sword to defend ourselves but now our enemy puts on the garment of hypocrisy and eloquent words. Satan is clever and he has shown us how he fights and it isn’t with a true soldier’s garment, but his soldiers come dressed in actual finery.  We must be discerning lest we too fall victim to his schemes for the result is the same,  defeat the believer through innuendos, threats, lies, deceit masked as what is acceptable and the phony “I believe in Jesus too,” sayings but the truth of the matter is this: he has blinded the minds so that they who do not believe the true Christ but believe in a false manifestation of Him which leads men to believe they must work their way to heaven.  [2 Cor 4:4] 

Today, believer, you must be dressed for war by putting on the armor of the scripture and strap your sword, which is the Word of God, upon your thigh. You must hide yourself in your prayer closet and pour out your groaning to He who will intercede for you. And when you emerge, you will have the promised Spirit with His wisdom and power for without prayer, you are only engaging the enemy with false ideas and ways.

War is real and we must prepare for it because our life depends on it. 

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