Follow the Truth!

Rev 13 to 15 The Contrast of Evil vs Truth    John offers the epitome of evil to the blessed reader and the glory of truth through the image of the Lamb. Both have followers who are obedient to their words, yet the outcome is vastly different. As always, the beast is a master counterfeiter. His […]

Be Confident of this very thing…

1John 5 Do you have any doubts? Do you worry?  Take heart dear reader, for John shares the secret to quiet assurance. It is the belief that Jesus is the Son of God. The Greek word for believe is [pist-yoo’-o], meaning to be persuaded of, to credit, to place confidence in. Did you grasp that […]

“Setting the Tone.”

1Peter 3 to 5 This pandemic has stretched and challenged family life. Remember, Jesus “called us through the new birth into an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled and unfading.” [1Peter 1:4] We are  blessed; don’t forget that. Keep that in the forefront of your minds as you are stretched, and relationships are facing challenges.  As […]

You are a Living Stone

Advent Series #19 1Peter 1& 2  “Living Stones.” Do you live in a place where you and your faith are secure? Since most do not, James and Peter address the pilgrims who have left Jerusalem and need reassurance. Both authors remind the believers that they are chosen, elect, and set apart by the Holy Spirit.  […]