A Psalm of Praise

Psalm 18 I doubt any of us have faced enemies as King David did. The OT graphically portrays those who hated David and sought to kill him. As I said, I doubt few of us have faced such vengeance and hatred. These attitudes and behaviors come out of the pit of hell and are encouraged […]

John the Baptist and the Lamb of God

Jan 4th Luke 3 Dr. Luke wants us to see God’s perfect plan unfolding for His Son Jesus to be the perfect “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” [Jn 1:29] John will fulfill Isaiah 40:3: “A voice crying in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord.” It was […]

1 and 2 Thessalonians “Prayer Warriors”

Paul, Silas and Timothy are true praying persons. No matter the situation, we can find them praying for this new fledgling church even after facing persecution in Philippi and now the Judaizers who followed them to Thessalonica. They are a reminder of the verse that says a three stranded cord cannot be broken or like […]

A Crisis of Belief Has Consequences

Luke 1; John 1:1-14 Malachi has passed off the scene, and 400 years of silence have taken place. The people have waited for the Messenger about whom Malachi spoke. Perhaps they had read and reread the scroll that had been prepared listing the names of those who respected and honored the Lord. [Mal 3:16] But […]

Persevere in Prayer

Daniel 10-12 We have been asking how patient we are, and these chapters show us Daniel patiently waits for answers about the vision he has received. He wants an answer, and we, too, want answers. Are we willing to wait for God to answer, or are we like many who start strong but then fall […]

Watching and Waiting

Daniel 7-9 Do you find waiting hard? We want it now! Daniel lived and moved in time when life moved at a snail’s pace in comparison to today. He saw kingdoms rise and fall, and he had a front-row seat to it all. He may have wondered, as I often do, why God is delaying […]