A Sinner’s Prayer

What do you do when God says no?

Psalm 51, 52, 53 When God looks down from heaven what does He see but men who do not acknowledge Him. They think that no matter what they do or think or say, God will take them to heaven one day, but these psalms prove otherwise. Until men can look within their hearts to see how really evil they are, and take time to confess their sins, they can never find peace with God. 

It is amazing to hear men say that all go to heaven when you read these psalms and realize that God is holy and these are not. How can a holy God have impure men in His presence? This is but the lie of the enemy whose purposes are to seek, kill and destroy as he blinds the minds so men cannot see the glorious image of the Savior Jesus Christ. 

Precious reader, take time today to sit before God and confess your sins so He can make you holy as He is holy. Then you can say with the psalmist: But I am like a flourishing olive tree in the house of God; I continually trust in God’s loyal love, I will continually thank you when you execute judgment;

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