Jesus is Willing!

In our present day society we have those we consider outcasts. These are the lonely, the homeless, the ones rejected or excluded. They have neither the tender touch of a loved one or the soft spoken word to alleviate their loneliness. These are the ones the Polish novelist, Joseph Conrad, described as hugging a memory […]

A Selfie Portrait

Today’s generation are enamored by the selfies they take using their cell phones with exaggerated poses, faces and what not. The commercial showing someone taking a selfie in front of a mirror reminds us of the counsel of James. Be careful of just looking in the mirror and walking away forgetting the image before you. […]

Pigs and Pearls, Fish and Snakes

Sitting on the hillside Jesus continues to masterfully teach his disciples and other listeners that they might be prepared for the work of the kingdom. Solomon gave principles but not necessarily the “why” nor an illustration but Jesus moves to the higher level by giving a principle, followed by its biblical truth and lastly illustrates […]

Heart X-Ray

Jesus saw and then acted. He saw the crowds and went up the mountain, sat down and began to teach. No one had a Bible, no one had their laptop or their iPad to take notes. All they had were their ears and eyes, a mind to take in the teaching and they would then […]