The Power of Persistent Prayer!

Amos 7-9 Amos was just a sheepherder by trade as he shared with Amaziah, the false priest of Israel, but he also had a powerful ministry of prayer. God called him, and he left Judah and his work to follow God. God revealed horrible visions to him about the future of Israel, and with a […]

Sheepherder or Ph.D.?

Amos 1-3 Simple but profound Two days ago, my childhood friend passed from this earthly life to sit at the feet of Jesus. Her mother washed my diapers, and my mother did the same. That is how long we have been childhood friends. She was not a theologian of the Bible, but her life was […]

God and His Character

Joel 1-3 Joel’s short book of prophecy is used by the NT writers on more than one occasion and recalling the words of Moses to God about His impending discipline. God was ready to “wipe them off the map.” But, Moses reminded God that if He did that, the nations around them would say: “Where […]

“True or False Faithfulness?”

Hosea 5 to 7 Hosea reminds the Israelites that their unfaithfulness is just like the morning mist which disappears with the sunrise. He reminded them that instead of seeking God, they sought Assyria, but their king will not be able to help them.  They seek help not from faithful God but from ungodly nations that […]