God of Provision

Deut. 1-2 Looking back over the years is something I have been doing lately. As I wandered through my journals and my thoughts, I am overwhelmed by how God has provided through the many moves. Each time, He has provided a new home, a new church, and new friends. That being said, is why I […]

Honor Our Parents

Numbers 36 “A Stickey-Wicket Problem or Not? Zelophehad had been a devoted father who had five daughters but no sons! We know he was faithful because the daughters eulogized him in chapter 27 “Our father died in the wilderness, although he was not part of the company of those that gathered themselves together against the […]

Sin and Holiness cannot co-exist!

Numbers 33 God desires a holy people. As Israel’s people near the end of their wilderness wandering, Moses takes them aside to remind them to purge the land of the idolaters and their idols. “Destroy all their carved images, all their molten images, and demolish their high places.”[Num 33:52]Then God gave them a warning: “But […]

Vows are Serious Promises!

Num 30 A vow is serious and one that, if made, must be kept. When we stand before the magistrate or the pastor who is performing our marriage, we make promises to love and comfort, honor and keep and forsake all others, meaning we will be wholly true to the one to whom we recite […]

The Proper Response

Numbers 16 Envy, resentful longing for what you don’t have, is one of the ‘dark’ sins, one of the “deadly d’s.” It is like an infection. If not treated, it spreads from one person to another, and Peter warns us about it. [1Pet 2:1] It begins with a thought, and then the idea is enlarged […]