Climate Change?

Joel 1-3 Climate Change is the buzzword of the day. We hear about it and are reminded that the cause is humans and their thirst for fossil fuels. Yet, in the years 1930-1939, the USA experienced what has been termed the Dust Bowl. It was because the farmers in the Midwest over-plowed and removed the […]

The Shedding of Blood

Ezek 45: The picture of the shed blood begins in Exodus as a picture of God’s overarching protection. Ezekiel is told that in the future, the priests will reinstitute that practice, and it mirrors that of Exodus 12, where the angel of death would see the shed blood and pass over the household on the […]

God’s Majestic Power

Ezekiel 43 Here in Dallas, there is an Arboretum with a manmade waterfall with a ledge behind it. You can walk behind the waterfall and experience the sounds and feel the spray of water. It is magical! Imagine being Ezekiel experiencing the sounds of a mighty rushing water, like a massive waterfall, as God re-enters […]

Are we prepared?

Ezekiel 40-41 For Such a Time as This This phrase was given to Queen Esther when she hesitated to speak to her husband, the king, about Haman’s treachery. Mordecai told her that perhaps she had been put in her position ‘for such a time as this.’ She asked her maids to fast (and we imagine, […]

The Sovereign Lord…

Ezekiel 38-39 End of the End God has spoken, and it will come to pass that all of God’s enemies will be found in their guilt. That was then, but this is today, so how do we take a passage like this and make it relevant? Look about you, Christian, and see the enemies of […]

What is on God’s Mind?

Ezekiel 35-37 Ezekiel continues to prophesy what God has told him, but these chapters are particularly confusing for us, and I wonder if it was for him. First, God reminds Mt. Seir or the Edomites, who are Esau’s descendants, that He is angry with them for their treatment of their brethren in Judah. Thus, He has […]

More on the topic of destiny

Ezek 28-31 Destiny Throughout history, there have risen many leaders who boasted of their prowess and their accomplishments. King Solomon warns that those who self-exalt will be humbled, and as it was written, so it came to be. Nebuchadnezzar boasted of the city Babylon as the work of his hands and spent the next 7 […]