One Drink…that changed a life forever

John 4 Jesus “had” go through Samaria, not because of expediency but because His Father had ordained a divine opportunity to meet the Samaritan woman. As she and Jesus interacted, He revealed, as she said later: “who told me everything I ever did.” Leaving her water pot at the well, she told the city residents, […]

The Tortoise and the Hare Folk Tale’s lesson

John 1-3 Remember the folk tale of the Tortoise and the Hare? Challenged to a race, they set off, and along the way, the hare became sleepy and lay down to nap. Steadily the Tortoise kept on, and when the hare awoke, to his dismay, saw that Tortoise was at the finish line. Some take […]

Trials ask us to define; which person are you?

Luke 22-24 The TestWith his masterful pen and supreme ability to describe events with such clarity, Dr. Luke leaves us breathless and wondering. Which character in the Resurrection story speaks to my heart? Am I the betrayer like Judas? NO, for there was one and only one. Do I see myself as Peter denying Jesus […]

The Tenderness of Jesus

Mark 14-16 Peter is one of the strongest and perhaps the weakest disciple. He announces he will not fail Christ in the time of testing, but his words fall on fallow ground. Christ reminds him that he will not only fail but also fail miserably. We equate with Peter because we, too, when faced with […]

The Heart

Mark 7 The religious leaders were intent on being perfect before men and before God. Their intent was good, but their practice was fraught with pride. They were insistent on how they were to wash their hands before taking in food, and today we, too, wash before eating—however, they thought this practice is what made […]

Read, Rehearse, Remember

Malachi 1-4 The Three “R’s”Today if you speak to people about church attendance and Bible reading, they often turn up their noses and say, like the Israelites of old, it is useless, and besides that, there are hypocrites in the church. [Mal 3:14] They have a warped view and, like Asaph in Ps 73, see […]