Hoodwinked or Free?

Galatians 5 When Christ was preparing the disciples for his departure, He told them that He would not leave them as orphans but He would send them the Helper, the Holy Spirit. to be with them always. The Holy Spirit would teach them the all things and bring to their remembrance everything Jesus had taught […]

Deception is like a spider web…

1 Sam. 17-20 King Saul needs a warrior to destroy the enemy, but he doesn’t think the shepherd David is up to the task, so he dresses him as a soldier. However, David has never worn battle gear because he is a shepherd, so he gives up the armor and kills that giant Goliath with […]

“Blindsided by Men yet God gets the Glory”

Joshua 9-10 Have you ever made a snap judgment only to find it blow up in your face? The Israelites did just that when the Gibeonites entered the Israelites camp and deceived them by wearing rags and carrying moldy bread, along with a tale of their journey. Their deception included meekly approaching the camp of […]