Hoodwinked or Free?

Galatians 5 When Christ was preparing the disciples for his departure, He told them that He would not leave them as orphans but He would send them the Helper, the Holy Spirit. to be with them always. The Holy Spirit would teach them the all things and bring to their remembrance everything Jesus had taught them. In addition, as Paul notes, He would come and fill us with the fruit that manifests the true family nature. Paul is wondering how this truth has been lost to these new believers.Today we wonder too when we see those who have been corrupted by the false legalizers who demand this or that. They deny the Christ who died to free us from the bondage of the Law. They come into our fellowship  and  insist that we must obey the OT rituals in order to be saved. Paul reminds them that because of that they have been hoodwinked

Where are you today beloved? Have you been hoodwinked by those who say they are Christians but they deny the Christ or are you demonstrating to them and to others the Fruit that only the Spirit can give? Does your life mirror that of Christ? Do we love as Christ loved? Are we gentle, kind and forgiving? What does our life show to others? 

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