Jesus our Redeemer

Isaiah  52-54 Redeemer! Isaiah  echoes the voice of Job: As for me, “I know that my Redeemer lives andthat as the last he will stand upon the earth].” [Job 19:25] Over andover, Isaiah reminds the children of God that they are redeemed. “Youshall be redeemed without money.” [Is 52:3 NJJV] “He has redeemedJerusalem.” [Is 52:9 […]

Your Name is Written…

Is 49 Engraven or Inscribed Isaiah quotes the words of the Lord to those who feel God has abandoned them: “Look, I have inscribed your name on my palms;” [Is 49:16] Inscribing or engraving is done with a tool that makes it permanent, much like a tattoo. God is saying to Israel, no matter where […]

God is God!

Is 46-48 Heavy Hearts? Look Up! Isaiah, as God’s prophet, tells his audience to remember this key point: “Truly I am God, I have no peer; I am God, and there is none like me,” [Is 46:9] “I will not share my glory with anyone else!” [Is 48:11] Yes, Jehovah, Yahweh is the supreme God […]

Why do we recall what God has forgiven?

Isaiah 43-45 Defeat Satan—Recall God Promises One of the enemy’s tactics is to recall to our mind our past sins to distract us. It is one of his “deadly d’s,” and he is proficient in this regard. Perhaps the Jerusalemites were in this state of mind, so Isaiah comes to them to say: “Don’t remember […]

God is always there!

Isaiah 40-41 We finally can rejoice with Isaiah as he shares the glory and majesty of our God to his people and us! When the Jerusalemites heard these words from Isaiah, can you imagine the joy, the hope? Even though they would have to face 70 yrs. of captivity for their sin, God’s promise was true […]

God and Our Problems

Is 34-37 The Day I “Lost it” I don’t know how I would have handled Sennacherib’s taunts, but I do know that when I am frustrated, I lose it and do it in spades, as I did today. Sennacherib is the king of Assyria, and he sent his right-hand man to taunt King Hezekiah. Wisely, […]

Ask, Seek, Knock…

Is 31-33 Ask, Seek, Knock, and the Door will be opened Isaiah challenged his readers to listen and know the Lord. As we read and study the Word, we should consciously keep asking ourselves four things: Where do I see God in this passage? Where do I see Christ? Where do I see myself? What […]

God’s Perfect Peace

Isaiah 26 Imagine yourself in Jerusalem at the time that the nation is reeling from adversaries. Today, like then, we are reeling from adversaries brandishing their swords through flyovers and words. Isaiah’s time may have been long ago, but the scene is still the same. When enemies come to taunt, what do you do? Isaiah […]