Phil 1 The Judaizers in Philippi sought to undermine and close Paul’s ministry down, but God had more plans for this fledging ministry. If it wasn’t for Lydia washing the purple cloths at the riverside, and the jailer who asked Paul how to be saved, the church would not even begun! How often do the […]

Works, Purified or Fried?

2Thess 1 I love you! These words radiate across the centuries from the hand of Paul. How he, Silvanus, and Timothy loved the Thessalonians. Even today as we read these words we are transported back in time to this city where the believers faced afflictions and persecution similar to those who come into Christianity today. […]

Listen up and Learn

Prov11 Righteousness vs Unrighteousness Solomon was a wise king in many areas and he was observant to the world conditions around him. He noted the truth that he wrote in these two verses: When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices, And when the wicked perish, there is joyful shouting. By the blessing of […]


Ps 42 Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount and said, blessed is he who hungers and thirsts for righteousness for he will be satisfied. The psalmist has a similar idea in this psalm,only he just refers to thirst. Thirst is one of the greatest and most deadly of needs. Without water one ceases to […]