Galatians in a nutshell

Gal 4-6 Again, I ask… Paul again comes back to his original argument: why do you seek to be under the constraints of the Law? Do you not realize to be under the Law means you must obey that outward confirmation? It means that you are acting as a son of the flesh rather than […]

The Practical Side of the Gospel

Rom. 11 to 13 Do you want others to come to know Jesus? Then live and share the gospel practically, beginning with being humble. You have a gift that the unbeliever needs and your attitude reveals the truth of what you say you are. Paul says to present your bodies a living sacrifice because that […]

How bold are you?

Acts 25 Paul has been charged with crimes against the Temple and the Jewish religion. But, confidently and boldly answers: “I have committed no offense against the Jewish law or against the temple or against Caesar.” [Acts 25:8] Being perceptive, Paul knew what the Jewish leaders were conspiring to do, so he again responded to […]

God’s ways are higher than men’s

Acts 27-28 God’s Plans are Higher and Greater Isaiah explained to his listeners that God’s plans are higher and superior to men’s deeds. Men had cautioned the builders of the Titanic to prepare for any disaster, and Paul warned the ship’s captain about sailing away from Crete. Yet, their voices fell upon deaf ears. The […]

Jealousy, but why?

Acts 17 Jealousy Raises its Ugly Head Jealousy means unpleasant suspicion or apprehension of rivalry. Keep that in mind as you wander into the city and synagogue of Thessalonica. Paul is on a mission to present the gospel message to as many as he can, recalling what the Lord told him: you are my chosen […]

The Jerusalem Times

Acts 6-9 Imagine being in Jerusalem at the time of this book and how Christianity influenced people’s lives. As our resident reporter, Dr. Luke, tells about the happenings. Who would have thought that discrimination would take place in this environment, but it did. The Hellenist Greek women felt discriminated against. What goes around comes around. […]