Shine for Jesus today; and every day!

Judges 3-5 In Judges, we see the fickle hearts of God’s children, and it is the same for us today. We are a fickle, fearful people. What are we afraid of when God is at our side? Prov 29:25 tells us that if we fear men, then that fear will be a snare to us, […]

Evidence that demands a verdict

Joshua 23-24 We have been walking with Joshua since Exodus when he and the company of thousands left Egypt. He and Caleb have been faithful in every circumstance and are our heroes. As they are nearing the end of their conquest of the Promised land, Joshua challenges the tribes to choose whom they will serve: […]

You can be a hero for God!

Joshua 15 The Faithful CalebToday we have Hollywood, which tries to show us brave men and women in movies like Braveheart, but nothing compares to the “movie” God reveals to us in the book of Joshua with the hero Caleb. He and Joshua alone had believed God and was promised that he would see the […]

Acknowledge God

Deut 33-34, Psalm 91 How comforting to know that God has angelic warriors around us in the past and even now when we do not understand or fear the unknown. Moses knew this truth: his faithfulness is like a shield surrounding us when the terrors of the day or night happen. God will order His […]


Deut 30-32 and Ps 90 What are my choices today? What is your legacy; what will you leave behind when the time comes for you to enter eternity? Moses inaugurates Joshua to lead, and he challenges him to choose life which is really to choose God and His ways. He didn’t challenge him to work harder, be stronger, […]

The Folly of Hypocrisy

Deut 29 God’s plan is pretty simple: obedience leads to blessing,  and disobedience leads to curses. Ironically we are much like the Israelites, a stubborn people. Hypocritically, we want to come to God on our terms, not His, and then we wonder why we are faced with such grievous lives. Deut 29:19 “It shall be […]