Is God your Redeemer?

Job 18-20 God is My Redeemer Although Bildad and Zophar continue on their way to distance themselves from Job’s righteousness in words, Job stands firm with one statement: I know that my Redeemer lives and at the last he shall stand on the earth.[Job 19:25-27] No matter the number of “word bullets” sent into his […]

Job and the Trials of Life

Job 1-4 A Blameless Man              God takes our worldview and our way of life seriously. Job is a central character that epitomizes his faith-filled life that not only lived by faith but was an example of that to the surrounding community and his family. Although his story is one of multiple tragedies, he excelled in […]

God is our Knight in Shining Armor!

Esther 1 to 5 The Hallmark Movie of the Past In every Hallmark movie, there is a knight in shining armor who swoops in to rescue a damsel in distress. God is Esther’s knight and He is ours as well. Since time began our arch-enemy, “Haman,” has sought to destroy the line of Christ. He […]

How do we explain this?

2Kings 21-22 The Hearts of Men You may be an honorable parent, but there is no guarantee that your offspring will follow in your footsteps—unless God intervenes in their lives and touches their hearts. For example, Hezekiah was an honorable man, but his son Manasseh was the worst king of all Judah! Manasseh’s son was […]

Blessings vs. Curses

2Kings 15-17 Obedience 101 God blessed His children by removing them from Egypt and placing them in the land of Israel. Moses reminded them to obey only God but they chose to ignore that command—over and over and over. Finally, God disciplined them by allowing evil nations to overtake them and remove them from the […]

God is our Provider

1Kings 17-19 Jehovah Jireh Like many, people grumble when their comfort zone has been disrupted— even about God.  We live in an instant gratification society and we want the problem fixed.  Enter the prophet Elijah to remind us that God doesn’t work on our timetable because He is the God of creativity and nothing is […]

God is not like us; He says and He does…

1Kings 13 Contradicting messages… We often say we will obey, but something comes our way, and we question what God has said. As our loving Father, God often gives us warning signs to beware. Take the story of the prophet sent to King Jeroboam of the consequences of worshiping idols. God confirmed His message to […]

Building God’s Temple

1Kings 5-7 The Building of the Temple King David had gathered much material, but God told him that he would never build this massive structure because he was a man of war, and in war, blood is shed. Although David was obedient to accomplish this, the shed blood is a reminder of where life begins […]