God Speaks

Matt 2 Throughout the OT and now in the NT, God often spoke to those He was going to bless in some way through a dream. God used a star and then a dream to the Wise Men of the East about the birth of Christ. That message was received with mixed reviews from the city of Jerusalem and the King. After learning from the OT scriptures that, yes a king would be born,the agitated king sent them to find this mysterious “king.”  The world today is receiving news of the King the same way. Some accept it as truth and go and worship this King. Others receive it as nonsense and ignore it. Some are ambivalent and they too ignore it. But, to those who search the scriptures and receive HIM as the Word of God who became a man and lived among us, they are the ones blessed. 

When you heard the news of the birth of Christ, how did you react? Have you gone and searched for him as the Wise Men did and then bestow precious gifts upon Him or did you ignore the news and go on your way. Or worse did you do as Herod and seek to kill Him? Now God has given us the scriptures to search and in them we will find the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. 

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