October 31st. Pumpkins, Halloween, ghosts, goblins or???

 Our world is head over heels in love with Halloween to the point of whole big box stores with all kinds of paraphernalia to be purchased for all ages. I can remember dressing up as a painter’s man using some of my dad’s painter’s garb. Carrying paint pails and paintbrushes, my sister and I won […]

Broken & Flawed No More

Zechariah 11 In Chapter 11, we find the true character of the shepherds. They did not pity the people and took them for granted. As a shepherd, Zechariah asked them how much he was worth to them. They mockingly said 30 pieces of silver. According to Ex 21:32, thirty pieces of silver was the amount […]

What Do People Say About Us?

Zechariah 8 The leaders from Bethel had come to inquire regarding the fasts they had been keeping. Should we continue as we have these last 68 yrs.? God did not directly answer that question of them but He did tell them what He required. It is the same answer He gave to Micah and later to […]

Are you facing obstacles?

Zechariah 4  “Facing Obstacles? Watch God Work!” Jesus told the disciples to stay alert lest they fall into temptation. How often do we, like them, fall asleep and miss what God is doing? The post-exilic community had mastered the avoidance technique of grumbling and complaining. They faced adversaries, a mountain of rubble, a lack of […]

Guilty or Forgiven?

Zechariah 3 “How Do You Stand; Guilty as Charged or Forgiven?” Picture a courtroom scene with the accuser and the defender and you in the middle. You stand before the righteous judge who listens to both sides of the argument. One says you are guilty and provides the evidence. Heads turn and you as the […]

Where is God on Your Priority List?

Haggai 1 & 2 Fifty-six years ago I read a verse in Malachi and claimed it for our family. With little faith, I wondered if God would, could, should do it. Let me share a testimony: I may have claimed it but God proved faithful. The result? It made me a strong believer in His […]

Sitting Silent Before the Lord

Zephaniah 1-3 Although the Prophet Zephaniah writes a message of doom and gloom there is light at the end of the tunnel, as we say. Read the whole book so you can see it. The wonderful thing about Zephaniah is that he did not keep the message God gave him, as hard as it was, […]

Are you a Quitter?

Habakkuk 1 -3 Habakkuk, The I Won’t Give Up Prophet! How often have you heard: “God doesn’t answer prayer” or “I tried faith but it didn’t work.” Beloved know this; some people won’t believe even if and when the evidence is presented! We remember that from the healed blind man’s testimony to the Pharisees. [John […]

Are You Ready?

Nahum 1-3  In 1845, an archaeologist stumbled upon the site of Nineveh and found an extensive library that is now housed in the British Museum in London. These artifacts prove Nahum’s words are true and accurate. Nahum the Elkoshite knew God and understood God’s ways. He knew that Assyria was brutal in its conquering of other […]

The Missing Puzzle Piece

Micah 5 Are you a puzzle fan? Have you ever worked hours on a jigsaw puzzle only to realize that one piece is missing? How frustrating!  Micah has placed a puzzle in scripture that we might glean insight into our Messiah. While the kingdom of Judah was preparing for war again, Micah was on the scene […]