Watching and Waiting

Daniel 7-9 Do you find waiting hard? We want it now! Daniel lived and moved in time when life moved at a snail’s pace in comparison to today. He saw kingdoms rise and fall, and he had a front-row seat to it all. He may have wondered, as I often do, why God is delaying […]

Are you a Quitter?

Habakkuk 1 -3 Habakkuk, The I Won’t Give Up Prophet! How often have you heard: “God doesn’t answer prayer” or “I tried faith but it didn’t work.” Beloved know this; some people won’t believe even if and when the evidence is presented! We remember that from the healed blind man’s testimony to the Pharisees. [John […]

The World is Watching and Listening

Peter continues to reveal to the beloved Christ followers how they can live, behave and react to those who live in a darkened world. Our walk with Christ begins in the home and moves on to those beyond to the entire world. The home is the foundation and what is done there is revealed in […]

J-Joy O-Others Y-You…that Spells Jesus Joy!

Yes it does spell that word joy but how does one live joyfully, how does one live righteously in a world that is turning upside down day by day? Throughout history the Bible along with secular history records men/women who willingly chose to live righteously, (ex. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Peter and John, Jesus, Paul)  […]