The Heart of the Matter

Mark 11 Fruit or Fruitlessness We read this story of the barren fig tree and Jesus banishing it, leaves us with a bitter taste in our mouths, but Jesus was teaching about what looks on the outside is not necessarily or on the inside.  What the disciples, and us, see is just a tree with leaves […]

Faithful Friends

Mark 2 In chapter 1 Jesus leaves Galilee and begins his preaching career with his new disciples who have obeyed and followed Him. When Jesus calls, we must surrender and follow. They had moved from town to town quickly and after some time, they returned to Capernaum where Jesus had healed Peter’s mother in law […]

A Truth

2Tim 3 “Don’t be Left Behind” The “Left Behind Series” grabbed many viewers and revealed much about the rapture and the end times. But, suppose you could write the headline for the last day’s newspaper that will only be read by those who are “left behind.” Would it say something like this: Where were you […]

Don’t be a hornet

2 Timothy We have heard the phrase “don’t disturb a hornet’s nest” and I can attest that to be true. When I was a teenager helping my dad clean out the tobacco barn I inadvertently disturbed one and the result was massive insect bites for hornet’s unlike bees, can sting and sting again. So that […]

One Thing

Psalm 27 “One Thing”Have you ever pondered about the ‘one thing’ that you need or desire above all else? Jesus once told Martha, “you are worried and troubled about many things, but one thing is needed.” What could that ‘one thing’ be? Could we find a clue in Psalm 27: “One thing have I asked […]

True Contentment

1 Timothy 6 We live in a materialistic society. We are bombarded with ads for this and that supposedly because we need it to be contented. But, if you read history and the biographies of rich men, you will find that they were not contented. Rockefeller when asked what would make him contented, he answered, […]

Multi-generational relationships

1 Timothy 5 As in the time of Timothy, so today we have multi generational groups which require wisdom and patience. Paul’s wisdom to Timothy is to be wise in word and deed to those who are older, yet sometimes can be challenging to the young. Proverbs reminds us that gray heads, as my granddaughter […]