Ps. 111- As you read each day, ask God to reveal Himself to you. Ask Him to open your eyes, ears, and heart. Then do as the Psalmist: give thanks to the Lord with your whole heart. [Ps 111:1 paraphrase] Praise Him for His work is majestic and glorious, and his faithfulness endures forever. [Ps […]

God is a God of Order

1Chron 23-25 When the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth, which was having problems with unity, he reminded them that God is a God of order. 1Co 14:33 “for God is not characterized by disorder but by peace. As in all the churches of the saints,” How often are our churches a mixture […]

Life isn’t fair, but God is! :-)

Psalm 108-109 Two sides of the coinWe have all heard the saying that there are two sides to every coin or two sides to every argument. So with that idea in mind, we look at these two psalms side by side. Ps 108 contains words that comfort and encourage, and Ps 109 is full of […]

Our Crazy Mixed-Up World…

Psalm 40 Our world is a confusing place at times. There are those who call evil good and good evil. [Is 5:20] They substitute lies for the truth and expect us to accept it readily. If we challenge that thinking, they slander us. Yet, this is true: God is God, and there is none to […]

God is Faithful- Are you?

Psalm 89 The Faithfulness of God Ethan has written this psalm to extol the virtues of God and, in particular, His faithfulness. His faithfulness surrounds Him. The psalmist notes that God’s lovingkindness is permanent. Is mine? The evidence is seen in the heavens, where the skies show His creation and beauty. Ethan also notes that God chose […]

Choose wisely, pray continuously

Ps 1-2, 15, 22-24, 47 God Blessings~Psalm 1 is a clear presentation of what God desires for all mankind. The psalmist pictures those who are righteous and those who are unrighteous. He uses three words to describe them: wicked, sinners, and scoffer, reminding us to choose our relationships wisely. If we want God to bless […]

Genealogy and Legacy

1Chron 7-10 What would you want others to record about your life when you pass from this earth? We all want others to recall our good deeds offered to humanity. But, sometimes, like some Al Capone, Jesse James, and Charles Manson, the record is sad, and we only remember their evil ways. King Saul falls […]

Deception is like a spider web…

1 Sam. 17-20 King Saul needs a warrior to destroy the enemy, but he doesn’t think the shepherd David is up to the task, so he dresses him as a soldier. However, David has never worn battle gear because he is a shepherd, so he gives up the armor and kills that giant Goliath with […]