From Old to New

Titus 3 Paul, in writing to his protege, Titus,  began by telling him the kind of people to whom he is being sent.They are the “dregs” of society. They are liars and they live their lives undermining all good things. But, something has happened to these people. They have been changed through the power of the […]

One Thing

Psalm 27 “One Thing”Have you ever pondered about the ‘one thing’ that you need or desire above all else? Jesus once told Martha, “you are worried and troubled about many things, but one thing is needed.” What could that ‘one thing’ be? Could we find a clue in Psalm 27: “One thing have I asked […]

Everyone must choose

ACTS 26 Testifying Paul has had opportunities that few have had; to stand before judges,rulers and kings more than once. Now, he stands before the king and his testimony is full of his life before Christ andsince meeting Jesus on the Damascus road. With each ruler, Paul has expertly spoken to them using their own […]

“JOY to the World”

Philippians: We read in James to have joy in all of our trials and temptations that come our way. In Philippians, Paul reminds his audience that joy is internal and leads to our external. It must begin there before we can share it outside, and Paul is our example, even amidst the persecution he faced […]

“Unveiled & Reflecting”

2Cor 1-4 In Chapter 1, we learned to be steadfastly confident in God’s comfort. In Chapter 2, we learned that we have the power to forgive unconditionally. In chapter 3, we see that only through the indwelling Holy Spirit can we comfort others and forgive unconditionally. It is only through His power that these can […]

Worship the Giver of Sight

John 9-10:21 Yesterday, I asked what you would see or hear if you could be a fly on the wall. Today in our reading, as we meet a man blind from birth, the disciples ask who caused this blindness. Although the blind man could not see their reactions, he could hear their question. Has anyone […]

God’s Majestic Power

Ezekiel 43 Here in Dallas, there is an Arboretum with a manmade waterfall with a ledge behind it. You can walk behind the waterfall and experience the sounds and feel the spray of water. It is magical! Imagine being Ezekiel experiencing the sounds of a mighty rushing water, like a massive waterfall, as God re-enters […]