From Old to New

Titus 3 Paul, in writing to his protege, Titus,  began by telling him the kind of people to whom he is being sent.They are the “dregs” of society. They are liars and they live their lives undermining all good things. But, something has happened to these people. They have been changed through the power of the Holy Spirit and are now righteous before God. Because of that,they are to exhibit holy and righteous behavior, but they need to be reminded over and over not to slip back into their old ways. As believers now, we too need reminding because our arch enemy is there to tell us lies for he comes to seek,kill and destroy. It was because of God’s mercy that He saved us and now we are to walk in newness of life. It will be a constant battle, not of swords, but of thoughts, ideas and values of our old life. Just as Paul reminded Titus that these Cretans needed reminding, so we need to be reminded as well. Our new lives should be peaceable, gentle, showing complete courtesy to all people. 

So how are we doing today as we live and move through our day? 

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