The Price of Forgiveness

Lev 14-15 When we sin, intentionally or unintentionally, everyone suffers! The price for forgiveness or cleansing is very steep. In the case of the Israelites, it was the cost of an unblemished lamb or turtledoves. No matter what was given, it was costly to the sinner. We don’t have to wonder why because the life is […]

Keep that love fresh!

Ephesians 1-3 Paul wrote to encourage the Ephesians to stand fast. About 25 yrs. later under the inspiration of Christ, John wrote to encourage these precious believers to return to their first love. Paul told them they were saints, set apart for God, faithful in Christ. John said you were faithful and enduring. What had […]

Freely received, freely given.

1Cor 9 You may not know this fact, but all of the materials on are free to anyone. Only three out of eight employees are salary based; all others, including this author, are full-time…get that… full-time volunteers. You might wonder why? The answer comes from the words of Paul to the Corinthians:  “What then […]

Celebrations of Blessings!

Zechariah 14 The Feast of BoothsWhat celebration brings joy to your heart and mind? Is it Thanksgiving or Christmas, or another? For Israel, it was and is the Feast of Booths/Sukkah to commemorate the release from Egyptian slavery thousands of years ago. It is a celebration of rejoicing over God’s provision. Long ago, God’s command […]

Count Your Blessings!

Ps 106-108 Forgetting and Remembering The psalmist reminded us yesterday in Ps 103 that we have short memories. It is like that part of our brain goes to sleep and forgets the blessings God has bestowed upon us. Today’s reading is continuing that same theme. Ps 106:7 they failed to remember (your many acts of […]