From Old to New

Titus 3 Paul, in writing to his protege, Titus,  began by telling him the kind of people to whom he is being sent.They are the “dregs” of society. They are liars and they live their lives undermining all good things. But, something has happened to these people. They have been changed through the power of the […]

Why surprised?

1Cor 1-4 If there is one thing that amazes me, it is the lack of spiritual hunger for those whose destiny speaks of hell. Just as Paul encountered those who were jealous, angry, and refused the gospel message, we see these same kinds of people today. Paul’s letter was about the cross and the Savior […]

Birthdays! Celebrate!

Acts 1-3 and 4-6 Let’s Celebrate the Birthday of the Church!It’s really funny when memories of something of years ago return to remind you of something special. In John’s gospel, we read that the forerunner, John the Baptist, prophesied that someone would come to him for baptism one day. When that happened, God said that […]