Why surprised?

From blindness to sight

1Cor 1-4 If there is one thing that amazes me, it is the lack of spiritual hunger for those whose destiny speaks of hell. Just as Paul encountered those who were jealous, angry, and refused the gospel message, we see these same kinds of people today. Paul’s letter was about the cross and the Savior who died on it, but for those who reject it, the cross is seen as foolish nonsense, yet they do not realize that they are perishing.

But, for those who hear and receive the message with joy, there is joy in heaven and here on earth. They are called saints because they call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. God was pleased to use the gospel message through preaching. Again, Paul reiterates that the ones who reject are the same as the Jews who see the message as a stumbling block and the Greeks who seek signs.

The blessing for those who receive the message is things that no eye has seen, ear heard, or mind imagined; these are the things God has prepared for those who seek Him early and those who love Him. [Is 64:4]

Where do you stand, friend? Have you received the message of hope in the risen Christ?

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