A Truth

2Tim 3 “Don’t be Left Behind” The “Left Behind Series” grabbed many viewers and revealed much about the rapture and the end times. But, suppose you could write the headline for the last day’s newspaper that will only be read by those who are “left behind.” Would it say something like this: Where were you […]

Everyone must choose

ACTS 26 Testifying Paul has had opportunities that few have had; to stand before judges,rulers and kings more than once. Now, he stands before the king and his testimony is full of his life before Christ andsince meeting Jesus on the Damascus road. With each ruler, Paul has expertly spoken to them using their own […]

Truth Demands a Response

Acts 17 The Truth Penetrates God will move His people to where they can hear the truth that Jesus is who He said He was and thus must decide if they will believe or not. God used Paul to speak truth to the Thessalonians of whom were both Gentiles and Jews. Interestingly it was the […]