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2 Thess 2 Worrywart or Trusting

What would you have  done if you knew someone you had taught had the wrong ideas and truth and worse, they were sharing it with others. Paul had only a short time in Thessalonica and so he redeemed the time by teaching these new converts the basics of the faith. Somewhere along the way, these new converts misunderstood or had forgotten what he said about the end times. We can do the same if we are not careful. So shortly after his first letter to them, he sent a second to correct their understanding because they were thinking they had missed the rapture and it tore at their heartstrings. 

In this second letter he told them to recall what he had said about this time. He began by asking them to note that the man of lawlessness had not been revealed. In addition Paul asked them a question: is there a man sitting in the position of the most holy place and proclaiming himself God? Paul reminded them that until they can see and can answer affirmatively, it has not happened. 

Do you worry about the end times? Are you looking for the Christ to return? What signs are you using to keep calm and be joyful in the work of the Lord? 

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