The Believer’s Tool Belt

2 Thess 3 Prayer Needed

How often do you speak with others who are seeking prayer? It is an overarching theme for believers and a necessary element to our walk with the Lord. We have prayer meetings, we begin our services with prayer, we pray over our meals and we pray in our family circles. Paul writes to the Thessalonian church asking for prayer that the message he is preaching may bear fruit and it be done quickly and be honored. He knew one fact about these new believers, they were faithful to pray. How about us when someone near and dear to us comes seeking prayer? Do they trust us to fulfill that need or like many of us, we say but only do it at the moment? We have been given the privilege of speaking to the Lord God Almighty, the King of the Universe, for those who come seeking our advice or help. 

The second thing Paul seeks prayer for are those who would seek to not just undermine the truth but actively work against it. They are in need of spiritual protection, a hedge of fire around them [Zech 2:5] because they are facing the onslaught of the enemy’s reach. 

As the days grow spiritually cold, we have several tools in our belt so we can grow and mature in our walk for Christ. Two that are needed are prayer and faithfulness. How is your prayer walk today? 

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