What do you choose: Faith or Fear?

Isaiah 7:9b and 26:3 Have you ever asked someone what or whom do they fear? What would they be willing to forfeit? Jesus told the disciples that He would always be with them and if that is true why then do we fear? The principle is found in Is 7: “If your faith does not […]

Praying with all boldness!

Isaiah 3 – 6 You may have heard this saying: what goes around, comes around meaning that what has happened will happen again. Isaiah listened to what God said: “Youths will proudly defy the elderly and riffraff will challenge those who were once respected.” God was preparing Isaiah to understand what the Apostle John wrote […]


Isaiah 1 to 3 Commitment means you hang in to the job when times are hard, slow, or non-existent.           Isaiah was a prophet to Israel. He ministered through four different kingly reigns and prophesied about a king not yet born—Cyrus, who would release Israel from Babylonian bondage. His call to prophetic ministry began in […]

The Sinner & Saint’s Fate

Ecclesiastes 9-12 Have you ever taken the time to do grave rubbings? No matter what tombstone you choose, the birth date and the death date appear, but we can only speculate on the years in-between. One thing is known; each faced their eternal destiny and entered eternity by the choices they made in those in-between […]