The Sinner & Saint’s Fate

Ecclesiastes 9-12 Have you ever taken the time to do grave rubbings? No matter what tombstone you choose, the birth date and the death date appear, but we can only speculate on the years in-between. One thing is known; each faced their eternal destiny and entered eternity by the choices they made in those in-between dates. We casually say “RIP” or rest in peace, but are they? Did you wonder where they lived, what their families were like, where they worked, and how they played…and, more importantly, if they chose God’s way? Solomon has spent twelve chapters talking about life and has concluded: life here is brief, and eternity is forever. So choose wisely. 

The Targum says: “At all times let thy garments be washed and pure from the stain of sin. Acquire a good name, which is likened to the oil of anointing, that blessings may be called down up thy head, and goodness not forsake thee.” God says in Heb. 9:27 that everyone has an appointment with “Dr. Death.” Just knowing that it could be in the next minute is a sobering thought. What should we be doing with our time, talents, gifts, money, work, and relationships?

Can you be sure of your eternal destiny? The answer is yes! God’s Word tells us that we can be certain: “ For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” [Rom 10]

Have you called upon His Name? Are you ready if God should call your name next? 

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