Reach Out and Touch Someone

reach out to someone today

Isaiah 16 You may or may not remember that slogan from the 1980s, but a marketing idea at the phone company hit home and so began one step closer to the art of instant communication. Instead of waiting days for snail mail now, it is voice mail. The days of rotary phones are over. Now nearly everyone on the planet has a rechargeable cell phone. Now we use our phones to call, do our banking, and read instant messages, but nothing matches a friend’s sweet voice checking in on us. Even though we are more connected than ever before, we still need that personal one on one chat with a precious friend or family member.

 In Isaiah 16, God’s heart sighed for the prodigal Moab. They had long ago walked away from Jehovah, but Jehovah had not walked away from them. Yes, they brought this problem on themselves due to their pride and idol worship, yet even in that, God reminds the Israelites to do what He would do:  Hide the outcasts from those seeking their demise and do not betray the fugitive. God is saying remember to demonstrate the attribute of compassion to those who are suffering.

Who is in your circle of acquaintances or friends who need that special touch today?

As the Lord has compassion on us, so we are to have compassion for others. It goes both ways, for you never know when you may be facing difficulty and need that special touch.

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