As the World Turns

God sees all

Isaiah 13 to 15 There was a TV soap opera titled: “As the World Turns” which lasted for 10,000 slow moving episodes. Whereas that show moved at a snail’s pace, our world today moves at jet speed.  Our world now wants instant answers. it’s his fault or her fault or God’s fault. If He hadn’t allowed sin, we wouldn’t be in this mess. But, a loving and just God doesn’t want robots. He wants people to think and to reason and understand. God wants us to determine our destiny with the evidence He has provided. [Is 13 to 15 and Rom 1:20] We can either believe Him or deny Him as the fallen angels did.

Whereas, Isaiah’s vision sees ahead 182 yrs., we now see it as history. As he writes this, Babylon is not even in existence as a disciplinary force.  Yet, history proves that Assyria and Babylon’s evil empires would be destroyed and become like Sodom and Gomorrah—empty and abandoned. God’s Word is true and history proves it. God leaves nothing to chance.

In the midst of all this, chapter 15 opens with words of comfort! The Lord will certainly have compassion on Jacob, He will again resurrect Israel’s nation, and there will be relief from suffering and anxiety. For Isaiah, it is in the future. For us, it is in the past. Yet, God has provided it that we may trust Him. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but God does.

Truly God is sovereign; He will protect His nation, His people, and beholders of His presence.

Have you decided to trust Him who knows your future?

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