A Truth

2Tim 3 “Don’t be Left Behind” The “Left Behind Series” grabbed many viewers and revealed much about the rapture and the end times. But, suppose you could write the headline for the last day’s newspaper that will only be read by those who are “left behind.” Would it say something like this: Where were you […]

Sin and Holiness cannot co-exist!

Numbers 33 God desires a holy people. As Israel’s people near the end of their wilderness wandering, Moses takes them aside to remind them to purge the land of the idolaters and their idols. “Destroy all their carved images, all their molten images, and demolish their high places.”[Num 33:52]Then God gave them a warning: “But […]

Are we compelled to contend for the faith?

Jude, Contend earnestly! Leaving 2021, Jude prepares us for 2022 as we walk through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. He was eager to write to his fellow believers but now he says I am “compelled instead to write to encourage you to contend earnestly for the faith that was once for all entrusted to […]

“Is There Life After Death?”

Job 14-16 Job asks the age-old question: “man dies and is powerless, he expires – and where is he?” and “if a man dies, will he live again?”  Job struggled, but Jesus gave the answer: I am the way to the afterlife; believe in me. It seems that all religions/faiths believe in some form of […]