Whom do you worship?

Hebrews 1 The author of Hebrews is unknown but his words resonate from centuries long ago; Jesus is the Creator and Sustainer of all. He is to be worshipped and not angels. Angels are ministering spirits to all those who have inherited salvation “But when he again brings his firstborn into the world, he says, […]

Tomb Visitors

John 20 As Mary went to the disciples with the message that Christ had risen, only two left the “safety” of the upper room to see if what she said could be true. What motivated them to go? The two that ran were Peter and John, and as it would be, Peter again shows us […]

Decisions, Decisions

Matthew 1 How would you respond if you had heard the news of your fiancee’s pregnancy and you knew it was not from you? Joseph was obviously very distressed as he was a man of integrity. Matthew records these words about him: “a righteous man,..he did not want to disgrace her,” He took these words to heart but did not act unrighteously […]

A Crisis of Belief Has Consequences

Luke 1; John 1:1-14 Malachi has passed off the scene, and 400 years of silence have taken place. The people have waited for the Messenger about whom Malachi spoke. Perhaps they had read and reread the scroll that had been prepared listing the names of those who respected and honored the Lord. [Mal 3:16] But […]

Persevere in Prayer

Daniel 10-12 We have been asking how patient we are, and these chapters show us Daniel patiently waits for answers about the vision he has received. He wants an answer, and we, too, want answers. Are we willing to wait for God to answer, or are we like many who start strong but then fall […]

A Crisis of Belief

Judges 13-15 Back in the day of the Judges, the Israelites were excited when a baby was coming, but for some, like Mrs. Manoah, there was only sadness because she was barren. Was she sitting out in the field bemoaning her plight? Did God look down from heaven and say that there is a godly […]