Decisions, Decisions

Matthew 1 How would you respond if you had heard the news of your fiancee’s pregnancy and you knew it was not from you? Joseph was obviously very distressed as he was a man of integrity. Matthew records these words about him: “a righteous man,..he did not want to disgrace her,” He took these words to heart but did not act unrighteously […]

Following the Dream

Matthew 2; Luke 2:39-52 Sometimes God speaks to us in a dream as he did with Joseph of Genesis and Joseph, the husband of Mary here in Matthew. First, when Joseph hears of Mary’s pregnancy, the angel of the Lord comes to Joseph in a dream to not fear but “arise” and take Mary to be his […]

The Adversaries d NOT have the last word.

Ezra 4 to 6 and Ps 137 It is just so neat to read these chapters to see the truth of Romans 8:28. The adversaries of the temple workers were so sure their first letter back to the king would settle the matter, and all would return to normal “but God.” This reminds us of […]

Storing up God’s Word

The idea of “storing up” is found both in Prov vs 1 “ My child, if you receive my words, and store up my commands within you,” and in Prov vs 7 “He stores up effective counsel for the upright,” What might be some reasons that we would need to store up God’s Word and […]

Revenge or Forgiveness ..Your Choice

Psalm 69 is one of the three most quoted psalms in the NT in reference to “The Messiah.”  (e.g. Those who hate me without cause [Jn 15:25], vinegar to drink [Matt 17:48]. Thus it is fitting that we walk through this psalm as part of our study in the book of Matthew about our True […]

Hail King Jesus…Worship or Ignore…how say you?

The Apostle Matthew introduced us to the genealogical record of our Messiah in chapter 1. At the end of that chapter we know that two times the angel of the Lord came to righteous Joseph to lead and protect the divine conceived Messiah in Mary’s womb. In chapter 2 we see once again his immediate […]