The Adversaries d NOT have the last word.

Ezra 4 to 6 and Ps 137 It is just so neat to read these chapters to see the truth of Romans 8:28. The adversaries of the temple workers were so sure their first letter back to the king would settle the matter, and all would return to normal “but God.” This reminds us of […]

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Choice–BUT God gets the glory!

Psalm 71 God – Have you ever experienced a situation when it seems that God is totally unequivocally silent? That is where we are finding David as he pleads for God to rescue him. He is saying, where are you, God? Don’t you see what is happening to me? Like him we beg God to rescue […]

Jacob’s Love Gift

Genesis 47-50  One thing children need is a loving hug, a touch, and words of affirmation. Joseph had all of that until his unfortunate incident with his brothers and then it was off to Egypt and prison. But, that early childhood upbringing, although seen as favoritism by his brothers, was one of the reasons Joseph […]