Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Choice–BUT God gets the glory!

Psalm 71 God – Have you ever experienced a situation when it seems that God is totally unequivocally silent? That is where we are finding David as he pleads for God to rescue him. He is saying, where are you, God? Don’t you see what is happening to me? Like him we beg God to rescue us, forgetting that sometimes we are in the mess in which we find ourselves is our own doing. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time and made the wrong choice.

Ps 71 wrong2ab

Case in point: Moses thinking the Hebrews would welcome his intervention into their lives. Wrong place: watching his people toil in the hot sun to satisfy a Pharaoh’s quest for honor. Wrong time: why wasn’t Moses taking care of palace business? Wrong choice: seeing an Egyptian beating an Israelite he stepped in to help and the next thing he knew that man was murdered by his hand.

Or, how about David’s sin with Bathsheba? Wrong place: on the palace veranda instead of in the field with his army. Wrong time: evening when bathing takes place. Wrong choice: get that woman for me.

With Moses, God sent him into the desert for 40 yrs. learning how to tend the most humble and stupid animal, the sheep. With David, God sent him the prophet Nathan to tell him a story about a tender sheep being taken from a poor man. Interesting how many times God uses the sheep as an illustration!

Yet, even when we make horribly bad choices, God will use them to bring about His work because front and center we are his children. (Romans 8:28) “know that all things work together for good for those who love God.”  He will use us in our worst moments to bring about His good and His perfect plan because in eternity past He knew and yet His lovingkindness will take those and turn them on their head.

Where can you look at your past and see yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time making the wrong choice? What did God do with all of that for His kingdom work?

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