The Last Words of David…

2Sam 22-24 Closing the book of 2Samuel I always become a bit teary when I come to the end of one book. In 2Samuel I have walked with David through each chapter and have come away knowing that although these are his last words, they are not the “last” words. When my life draws to […]

Jesus our Kinsman-Redeemer

Boaz, Ruth and Naomi– The story of Ruth begins where we left off in Judges.  The author spins his tale with outsiders becoming insiders through the gracious work of God as He provides Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer in the life of Boaz.  It begins in famine and ends after a circuitous route from Bethlehem to Moab, the […]

God’s Tough Love & His Patience

Judges 9-12 Naughty Children Experience God’s Tough Love There is a pattern that becomes very evident in this book, and it is what we read in Judges 10:10-16 “The Israelites cried out for help to the Lord: “We have sinned against you. We abandoned our God and worshiped the Baals.” How often do we like […]

Jesus erases our Guilt

Lev 16 The Day of AtonementThe Israelites were to set aside one day of the year, and the high priest was to offer sacrifices for himself and his family BEFORE he offered sacrifices for the community. The Jews still honor that day even today, but we don’t. We don’t because Christ was our perfect sacrifice […]