“Hezekiah’s heart.”

2 Kings 20 God has placed this story of King Hezekiah to teach us wisdom. The backdrop began in the life of Hezekiah when he heard the news of his impending death from Isaiah, the prophet. When we hear devastating news, do we go to God? How we respond reveals our heart. Hezekiah pleaded with God, and graciously God chose to heal him and in addition, He gave him two gifts: (1) a sign and (2) fifteen more years.

Not long after, some Babylonian visitors came ‘supposedly‘ to encourage Hezekiah. Why did he not take them to see the House of the Lord? Instead, he gave them a tour of all the treasures of Israel. Isaiah told Hezekiah, Because of what you did; the Babylonians will carry off your sons and deplete your riches. [2 Kings 20:18 paraphrase] Unfortunately, when he heard that news, Hezekiah did not mourn but said: at least there will be peace in my lifetime.” [2 Kings 20:19]  How we respond reveals our heart. 

The lesson we can glean from Hezekiah is to remain humble when God blesses us and seek His protection from being prideful. Will we finish well when God calls us home?

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