Testing your discernment

Sheep need a shepherd

2 PETER 2 False prophets and false teachers were among the OT believers and they are among us today. Of all the apostles, Peter is the most vocal about those who speak with “forked tongue.” These are they who speak to you of heaven but are leading you to hell with their abominable ways. Be discerning! Know their traits so you can avoid them and not get caught in their web of deceit.  Listen carefully to what they preach and demand of you because as Peter wisely says: “And in their greed they will exploit you with deceptive words.” Listen carefully and observe their lifestyle. Listen carefully and ask, are they living a life that would mirror Christ and are they teaching His principles and truths? 

Because we live in a hi-tech society and have access to so many men who say they are preachers of the gospel but their lifestyles are a red flag. John Piper gives us 4 easy rules to follow:

  1. the test of the fruit of behavior
  2. the test of sound doctrine
  3. the test of submission to Scripture
  4. the test of teaching the pure gospel of justification by faith

Today are you a discerning believer? 

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