Faithfulness and Obedience

Jer 35-37 God has placed these chapters here for us to learn about faithfulness and obedience. First is the faithfulness of the Rechabites to their ancestor, Jonadab. He had given them instructions to keep them pure both within their “tribe” and before the world. The first was not to drink wine and the second was to live apart from the rest of world. As Proverbs tells us, wine is strong mocker; it leads to intoxication and thereby removes our ability to be wise. [Prov 20:1] The second was to be set apart. Paul included that instruction to the Corinthians so they could remain pure. [2Cor 6:17]

The second story is about obedience. Jeremiah was told to have Baruch, his scribe, to write the words of the Lord and then to go to the Temple on a Fast Day and read them. Baruch obeyed and went. He read the words and men heard and were fearful but that fear did not translate to the King who flagrantly burned the scroll with the words of the Lord. But, God again shows us He is higher and mightier! He had Jeremiah recall His words and Baruch made a second scroll with those same warnings.

Both of these chapters teach us that principle of faithfulness and obedience. The Rechabites were faithful to their ancestor Jonadab, but we are called to a higher calling: be faithful to the Lord and obey His instructions.

Where am I faithful to being salt and light? Where am I being obedient to the Lord? Good challenges for today in a world that is topsy turvy! Paul told the Corinthians to be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. May that be my direction for today and always!

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