God Hears and God Answers

Jer 38-40 and Ps 74, 79 God’s Grace is Greater

As Jeremiah has predicted, the Babylonians have arrived and are decimating Jerusalem. In all of this horror, God has a man ready to step in and protect his most precious prophet, Jeremiah. It is amazing to read that God has given this man, Nebuzaradan the insight of God’s plan. He understood what many others scoffed at or disregarded. The captain of the royal guard took Jeremiah aside and said to him, “The Lord your God threatened this place with this disaster.” [Jer 40:2]  Sometimes God uses believers and sometimes He uses unbelievers to speak for Him. Did he change and follow Jehovah? We are not told, but it is a truth that reaches across the centuries: God has His men/women to speak for Him to show His plan. He also is a God of mercy. Others had been taken captive but Jeremiah is released. God is a God of grace and mercy and He reveals that because Jeremiah is His spokesperson to tell the good news.

Where has  God revealed His plan and His mercy to me? Where have I prayed and prayed and then seen God work? God hears and God answers. Where are you seeking God’s answers? Are you diligently praying?  

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