Two Dinner Parties

Proverbs 9 Having a dinner party requires much advance planning. Lady Wisdom has taken the steps to ensure that the dinner she is preparing is designed not to just whet the appetite outwardly, but also to ensure that those who feed at her table eat the finest foods. She has spared no expense for her guests. Her invitations are sprinkled with the dew of heaven and the words tickle the palate. Will you set aside the date?  Jesus told a parable which is similar and He sent his servants to do the same as Lady Wisdom, but not many accepted his invite. They had a myriad of excuses of why they have chosen to not attend.

Her invitations were not just for the wealthiest but those who need wisdom. 

In contrast is the dinner planned by Foolish Folly.  She too has made grand plans but her servants are busy/and she alone knows the one to invite. They are the naive and include the mockers and the unrighteous who gather to feast unaware of the foods that are tainted with lies and sin. 

When you are invited to the Lord’s Table called Wisdom,  do you accept or are you enamored by the glitz and glamor of Foolish Folly’s table full of the world’s riches which fall to ruin to rust and decay? Lady Wisdom’s invitations are for all to live a life full of God’s blessings, but Foolish Folly’s guests are destined for the grave. 

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