Check your heart!

Mark 7 Rules vs Tradition

The religious leaders come to test Jesus once again. It is good to test those who present the words of God, but when a practice overrides the Word then it is not right. Thus, we see they came to ask about washing of hands, cups and benches, but what about their heart? And this pertains to us as well. When we go to church and we partake of the communion table, are our hearts cleansed? 

From that hostile interchange, Jesus took his disciples north away from the prying eyes of the religious leaders, but a woman heard he was in the area. She needed the spiritual help only He could give, and so she sought him out. On the surface his words seem rather harsh but Jesus was testing her heart, just as he had done with the religious leaders. Whereas he found them condemning, hers was pure. They trusted in their traditions but she trusted in the person, the Word. 

Lesson for me is check my heart before I seek God’s help. Check my heart because it is deceitful and desperately wicked.  (Jer 17:9) 

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