Fear or Courageous?  

Mark 6 In Proverbs we read: the fear of man is a snare but whoever trusts in the Lord will be set on high. [Prov 29:25] In this chapter we meet two men, one who is fearful of all men and one who is not. One has fallen into the snare or trap of the […]

Go and Tell

Matthew 11: What are we to go and tell? As John sits in prison, he may be set apart from the goings-on, but he is not unaware of what is happening beyond those prison walls. He still has connections with his advisors/disciples, and in their discussions, he sends them to Jesus to ask: “Are you […]

Be a Blessing Today

As John the Baptist sat languishing in the Roman prison after he encountered and chastised Herod, Jesus took time to assure him and his followers that He was indeed “the One”, the Messiah, the Christ. Jesus said look and listen and see the evidence that I am the Christ as he recounts one miracle after […]