Are You Guilty of Doing God’s Dirty Work?

Psalm 94  How often do we take on the role of God by becoming the avenger because we become impatient? The psalmist reminds us that God is the avenger and He is the judge of the earth. David knew God was the avenger and he told Goliath that before he slung that fateful stone. Gideon […]

Trivia Notes from John Newton

Psalm 87 “Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken” The song Amazing Grace was written by a slave trader but born again by God’s will, John Newton. What you may not realize is that after that he abandoned that trade he went on to be the parish priest of Olney Church in England. While reading this […]

A Prayer in Hard Times

Psalm 79  Today we see this Asaph as a poet. He was, as we say, versatile. Could this be the same Asaph as in earlier psalms? Scholars differ but most say that these traits belong to a man who lived at the time of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign of terror; in other words a man in name only.  […]

Psalm 73 Asaph and His Questions

Are you inquisitive? Do you want answers? You are not alone! You wouldn’t think that Asaph, a court musician would be one of them but he is! King David appointed him to be in charge of the cymbals. When you watch an orchestra you will see only a few who carry that distinction. I mean […]

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Choice–BUT God gets the glory!

Psalm 71 God – Have you ever experienced a situation when it seems that God is totally unequivocally silent? That is where we are finding David as he pleads for God to rescue him. He is saying, where are you, God? Don’t you see what is happening to me? Like him we beg God to rescue […]

Father to the Fatherless

Psalm 68 “Father to the Fatherless” One of the joys of teaching Sunday School is seeing the happy smiles on the children as their parents drop them off and then return to pick them up. But, one little girl has recently lost her parent due to unfortunate circumstances. What about her? Her mom drops her […]

Another Backstory…

Psalm 60  Taking time to just read and meditate unearths many questions. Why is David writing this? Who is against him? Where did this happen? Why is Edom mentioned? To unearth all of this we need to backtrack to 2Samuel 8. It is here that we read: Perhaps while Israel was at war with the Arameans, […]

Ecstatic Joy

Psalm 43 “Ecstatic Joy!” Ben White captured this little boy’s ecstatic joy don’t you think? Is this how joyful we are when we consider going to church? How does your morning start when you contemplate getting ready to attend church? The unknown author says in vs 4 that when he returns to the place where […]

In the Pits? Try God!

A friend is in the pit or maybe it is you. No matter, try God first. When that doesn’t seem to work, try Him again and again and again! The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much so says, Elijah! He is right! Does King David agree? Read on: Psalm 40 “When in the […]

Walls Protect…Usually

Ps 34:7 & Ezek 22:30  Jerusalem had walls to protect the people from danger, wild animals and advancing enemies. Yet Nebuchadnezzar tore down that wall and it lay unrepaired for 70 yrs. until Nehemiah rebuilt that wall in just 52 days. The false teachers in Jerusalem were charged with not repairing the spiritual walls of […]