Walls Protect…Usually

ps 34 ezek 22 broken walls.2ajpgPs 34:7 & Ezek 22:30  Jerusalem had walls to protect the people from danger, wild animals and advancing enemies. Yet Nebuchadnezzar tore down that wall and it lay unrepaired for 70 yrs. until Nehemiah rebuilt that wall in just 52 days. The false teachers in Jerusalem were charged with not repairing the spiritual walls of the people. Instead, they whitewashed them with teaching false doctrine or truths to make the people feel good. Physical walls can be repaired but you may have erected a wall around your heart because you have been hurt in some way. Instead of repairing it you may have whitewashed that wall by falsely saying you are “fine.” But, little by little the rains and the tears wash off your whitewash and you are exposed to the enemy—life is not fine and you aren’t either.

Beloved, when that happens, God’s loving angelic presence protects you when you are vulnerable. Sometimes God uses others who note our distress and stand in the gap with prayer where our walls show empty spaces. The body of Christ begins its work of closing up the breaches with prayer because the prayer of faith will raise us up.

Dr. Linda Smallwood writes: “When we intercede for one another, our chief purpose is to fill the gaps in another’s spiritual armor.” May we take her advice and stand in the gap with prayer for those whose walls are in need of repair.

Dr. Smallwood quote: http://www.myredeemerlives.com/intercession.html

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