Our Invisible Shield

psalm 31 8 invislbe shield2aTeaching 6th graders has been so exhilarating! Each week we get to know these kids better and better and it is exciting to see how much they retain. But the grandest gift of all is when they leave saying ‘I can’t wait to hear what happens next.” Smile, Smile, Smile on these teacher’s faces! Last week as we walked through Acts 22-23 with Paul we really saw the truth of an invisible shield about him when the whole world was in an uproar just because he said he was going to take the gospel to the Gentiles! Yet, God in His way protected Paul step by step because as He said: “you are going to  Rome to testify of me.”

Have you ever experienced God’s invisible shield? David did. In Psalm 31-33 we find one word repeated. Like an echo, we hear “protector.”  He certainly could look back over his life and see instances where God lovingly covered over him in and from danger. In Saul’s palace, God placed his invisible shield to protect David when Saul threw his spear at him. Or again as Saul entered the cave and David could have taken Saul’s life but God’s invisible shield protected him from committing sin.

Obviously, David, as the author, realizes he has been seeking shelter from King Saul. Only God could put His invisible shield about him to blind the eyes of Saul and give David peace in the midst of the storm.

We wonder how often David stood out in the open overlooking the hills of Judea, looking for Saul as his enemy to surface. In those times he shares “you do not deliver me from the power of the enemy, instead “you enable me to stand in a wide open place.” Although vulnerable, God had his invisible shield about him and he sensed that presence.

Stop here and think, where did you see or “feel” God’s invisible shield about you recently? Did you stop and say thank you God for protecting me? Did you or would you share your experience below?

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  • I wonder where god’s “protective shield” was when the angels of Newtown were being mowed down by a crazy lunatic with more ammunition than any non-military person ought to have? What do you think was gong through the minds of those innocent children while they were trying to hide from this maniac? Do you think they were scared? Crying? Wanting their parents? All of the above? Probably right.
    So what’s your next ridiculous theory? That god somehow wanted the children with him? And you as a teacher, do not recognize this as willful rationalization? How can you sell this nonsense to people as if there were even a modicum of reality to it?

    Two Thousand years is long enough I would think for Jesus to come back. He’s not. People need to put down this ridiculous mythology – and all the others as well – and start THINKING!

    • As long as there is sin in this world there will be crazy men like the one you describe. God knows all that is happening and NO he is not pleased and YES he does see and He knows the outcome. What do we say to things like this? We may not have the words but our grief should not turn to bitterness but pray for His understanding and pray for those who are the “lunatics.” RapaR, I too have these same “why” questions that cross my mind when we see or experience these horrific happenings. I don’t have answers but I can tell you that I have experienced that protective shield more than once and you probably have too. It is not ridiculous mythology but it is trust and faith alone. Stop and think how many times just today or this past week God has intervened in your life and you say it was chance…I call it His invisible shield. You can allow your bitterness to guide your thinking and reject faith but one day you will stand before Him and bow your knee to Him.

      Jesus will come back in His time. In the meantime, He is being gracious to you so that you may choose Him. I do think …a lot! I do pray… a lot! Peter wrote a letter to answer those who scoff and ask where is his coming? Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. The scoffers said he wouldn’t rise from the dead either but then when He did and revealed himself to more than 500 people began to take notice. They even chose to die for that belief.

      Thanks for your thoughts and sharing your perspective. I appreciate your honesty and like you, until eternity we may have those “why” questions Instead of being bitter about them, ask God to help you with them…that’s what I do and then I leave the results to him and eternity when all of my “why” questions are answered.

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